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Serenity is an ability to control what is happening inside and outside of a person’s life. It is a mental process where a person tries to recognize the cause and effect, action and reaction of a certain event. It helps people to develop self-reliance which enables him to decide his life’s direction in this rapid changing world. But a firm serenity will develop if a person has a good understanding on his strength and weaknesses. He should feel allright with himself and with the strength and shortcoming of the others.

James Allen, described serenity as “calmness in mind as a result of long and patient effort in self-control”. It enables a person to see clearly “the internal relationship of things by the action of cause and effect” so that he could remain calm with the situation. He does not easily get emotional with the chaos around him. He described such life as “a life that dwells in the ocean of Truth, beneath the waves, beyond the reach of tempest, in the Eternal Calm”. It implies that serenity is firm foundation in human life which enables him to direct his own life and not just to follow the stream. He can decide the best track for his life without relying too much on others. He knows where to go in his life.

This quality of life is very important for us who live in this rampant and fast changing world. we should have good self-reliance to face the problem, we should believe that we are “capable of successfully dealing with challenges thrown at us, and taking our guidance from ourselves” rather than relying on other people. In this sense, we should have the ability to listen to ourselves, and take decision by ourselves rather than letting other people decide for us. Of course we need other people to get advices from but we should make the final decision. For example, facing the development of IT, we should be selective because we do not need to follow all developments. We have to choose the development which really support our needs in life. We don’t need to change our computer everytime the new version is launched.

Dealing with the social and cultural changes we should also be selective. The development of IT, make us possible to access many things including the social and cultural values from different places. It is not necessary to follow all lifestyle offered in this modern world. It would be a difficult things to do, if we do not have good self-reliance and self-confindance in ourselves. We would easily follow the main stream without critical consideration.

A person will live peacefully if he understands well his personal strength and weeknesses. By understanding his life he can face the situation better because he would know how to treat it. It means, a person should open himself to his strength and especially to his weakness and learn to live peacefully with his shortcomings. Then he could understand the situation and take action according to his strength and try to control his weaknesses. In dealling with other people’s shortcomings, he would be more tolerant. Through this attitude, other people would feel accepted, so that he feel satisfied with himself and with others.

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