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James Allen discusses serenity as one of human quality which is needed in this rampant world. It is a source of strength which enables person to remains firm and calm in the middle of this chaotic world. Serenity comes from within the mind and heart of the people as a result of long mental and spiritual exercises. It attracts people around it to come and to take energy from this person, take inspiration and power for their lives. We need to take care of this quality and power through practical exercises which we can do in our busy life so that we will remain peaceful and in control in this busy world. The power of serenity is always there in the bottom of our heart, we just need to activate or to wake him to help us navigate this world around us.

Along the history of human life, we could find few people who had serenity as integral part of their life quality. One of the person with this quality of life is Jesus (Mark:35-41). Jesus was sleeping in the boat while his disciples were worried about their lives. Jesus is a person who remains calm when the world around him is in chaos. Jesus could manage and stop the storm; right after his disciples came and woke him up.

The serenity which is a source of strength in human life is a result of human mental and spiritual exercises. It involves the person ability to discern within the inner voice and to understand the connection between action and reaction in his life. The ability to recognize what is happening within his mental process would determine the reaction he/she would take an action. Serenity is also a result of good understanding on his strength and weaknesses. A person, who has good understanding on his strength and weaknesses, would have good self-esteem and peaceful life because he can accept himself as he is. This would give strong basis for him to decide the proper reaction to the world around him. Once a person acquires this ability, he would not be touched by the chaos which is happening around him. He would be the master of the world around him, and he can navigate the events which happen in the world.

Serenity gives special power that invites other people to come and feel the calmness, peacefulness, and safety around him. People with serenity, would present himself “like a shade giving tree in a thirsty land, or a sheltering rock in a storm” (cf. James Allen) for other people. They could find peace and safety in his life, and experience that the storm of life can be calmed down. This person would become reverence for other people; he becomes a place where other people get advices and solution to their problems. He would become a source of inspiration for many people to face the difficult situation they encounter in their lives.

Carolyn Rubenstein, author of Perseverance: True Voices of Cancer Survivors, in her blog suggested some tips to increase the serenity of life in our fast-paced, multitasking, day to day life. Here are some of her tips which we can practice to get serenity in our busy life. 1) Breath: we can just close our eyes and take breath, count one, two, and three and release it. 2) Rock out: just stop from your activities and take time to enjoy the memorable music which always gives us happiness. 3) Reconnect: Try to reconnect to people whom we have ever met before, people who have given us inspiration, and people who have given us happiness in life. Stop from our chaotic life and take time to call and learn from them how they manage this life. 4) Create a serenity trigger: we can create serenity trigger where we can fine peaceful place when we need it. A beautiful garden, blue ocean pictures could be source of peacefulness every time we visualize it in our lives. For the rest of the tips please visit Through this exercises, we can activate the power of serenity within ourselves. Like James Allen said that the commanding Master reclines in the barque of our soul. He is just sleeping and we just need to wake him.

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