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People are now the centre of the business. It is not the product anymore which becomes the only focus in the business activities but people starting from staff leaders – employees – and customers is the key of the business. People are the most crucial for business success so that careful treatment should be given to enable each individual express their own capability to contribute their best to the success of the business. This is the great challenge of leading people nowadays that we should maximize the potent of the people in the company to contribute to the goal achievement of the company. It is the biggest challenge for the managers to identify with its organization the potent of every employee and instill in them the value of the organization and make them pride of the institutions. Pride is not about monetary incentive, benefits etc, but it is a feeling in our heart that we are satisfied, that we are respected, and that we are honored because of our success in work. How can the leader of company encourage the employees to have motivation and do their best? What should leader do to motivate the employee?

Care – source of energy

We can learn from Behar H. (2007) in his book IT’s not about the Coffee: Lesson on Putting People First from a Life at Starbucks. He put people at the center of the business starting from the employee and the customers. He said, his business is “business of people”(Bernhard H. 2007:p.71). He stresses on giving honest care to people in the company and outside the company. He encourages all his colleagues and employees to live out caring as a way of life. He said, “When I talk about caring, I’m talking about putting other people before yourself- all people inside your organization, as well the people in the outside world that you serve, including customers and suppliers.” (p.66).
Through caring there will grow trust among the employees and it will create openness among them to communicate, to give feedback. This situation will encourage them to do their responsibility because they know it is right to do their responsibilities. Especially when challenges come, “I have found that I can get through almost anything if I believe the other person cares…about me, about themselves and about our mission.” This is the power of care and trust in the difficult time of the organization. Therefore, never close ourselves as leaders – employees to give genuine care to others.

Trust in people

Another lesson we can learn from David Packard in his book The HP Way: How Bill Hewlett and I build Our Company. He creates an environment in which “people have a chance to be their best, to realize their potential and to be recognized for their achievement. Each person in our company is important and every job is important” (Packard D.:2005. p. 127). This will encourage people in HP Company to have close relationship which result in the participatory management coming from individual freedom and initiative while emphasizing commonness of purpose and teamwork.

The use of informal setting to build trust and to build good communication between the company, the employee, the family of the employee and the customer is considered effective. The HP family gathering in form of picnic is one of the examples. The trust and close relationship among the employee and the leaders of the company has resulted in high motivated employee who are willing to work extra for the customer and the company.

The power of sharing is another aspect of HP success. The concept of sharing here is sharing the responsibilities for defining and meeting goals, sharing in company fellowship through stock purchase plans, sharing in profit, sharing the opportunities for personal and professional development, and even sharing the burdens created by occasional downturns in business. Through this concept all people feel part of the HP and feel responsible to contribute to the success of the HP Company regardless of their position. Packard and Bill has placed great faith and trust in HP people and they expect the HP people to be open and honest in dealing with others and trust they will accept the responsibility. To encourage the openness and honesty Packard let the bins and the store rooms open so that people are easily access what they need to do their job. It is a symbol of trust, because trust is central values in the HP business.

Giving flexible time to work to the employee is another way of respecting trust in people. HP appreciate that people has their busy personal lives so that HP trust individual and team to come to comfortable schedule yet fairs to others.

Jon R. Kartzenbach, Nico Canner and March A. Feigen introduced the importance of instilling pride to the institution and the individual as critical point to the business success because the major long term achievements of organizations depends on the daily achievement of the frontline employee. The ability to instill pride in everyone in the company is very important because pride is the emotional expression of individual commitment which motivates most people to do anything for the success of the institutions. It’s a big challenge for leaders and Human Recourse manager to infuse pride – values to employees at all levels so that they can perform better in their job.

Employee in the 21st should have qualities to bring to their job initiative, responsiveness and commitment. They need to develop the ability to shape and share information, to device better way to do things and to connect the result of their work to the performance of the institution. This ability will develop well if people have enough pride. Pride within people will foster cooperation, collective effort and individual initiative; it will encourage information sharing, prompt desire to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible, respect colleagues and lead to team performance. From this, we can say that pride will give positive effect on the performance of the employee.

What should we do to build pride in our institution and in our employee? First, make sure that the employee knows what is important in their job and why it is important. Second, find way to celebrate the “steps” as much as the “landing”. Third, focus on ‘containers’ that are never empty/never full.
Another advice to build pride is through informal setting like in the employee’s family gathering, the community and the unions of the employee. The company could involve and support those activities so that the employee will feel that the company gives care to them. It will also raise pride within the employee toward the institution and it will encourage them to work better.

Avoid the common pitfalls. Katzenbach advices the managers not to move the leaders team who are success because it will influence the motivation, trust and commitments of workers. Leaders in this team will become the inspiration to the team to do their best in the future. Next, money cannot buy pride. Relying too much on monetary incentive, will not successful in maintaining employee motivation and pride.
My reflection on these readings!

Good service is hands and feet, but great service is heart, said Bernhard. I agree to this idea that our leadership service should based on our heart. Only by this, our service will touch the heart of every people we serve. I think treating our employees, customers as human means that we touch their heart, we touch their need of being respected and being considered valuable in our business.

Once their hearts have been touched, the spirit and the motivation of the employees and the customers to support us will emerge. They will be ready to support us to achieve our high expectation.
Each leader has his own way to generate motivation from the employees, but in my opinion, the key is always at the heart of the people. Besides, the fulfillments of their needs in the workplace become other important aspects. According to Sam Walton, all people are motivated by very similar goals and aspirations in life and in their work. He treated all people in his company as partners and it is the message that he passed it on them and they continue to pass it on to the customers.

There are interesting ideas from Sam Walton on how to motivate people: smiling, listening, using people’s name, looking at people’s eye. Smiling is simple thing but it will give great impact to others. If a leader smiles before his employees, the employees will smile too. Listening to employee attentively will make them feel meaningful and feel be understood by the leaders. Using people’s name is another technique to motivate others. Calling by name is way to personalize the relationship between the leader and the employee. Looking at people’s eye is a sign of respect when we talk to the employee. We consider them important and they have your full attention in the conversation.

Leaders should make every people feel capable to do their job. Each person in the institution should be give equal chance to express their best and make them think they can do their responsibilities. Therefore it is the challenge of the leaders to see the capabilities in the employee and try to provide support so that each employee has the change achieve the best result for the organization.

In my experience, motivating people is not always easy to do, especially when I have to motivate “wounded person”. Person who become trouble in certain unit and he was transferred for good to my school. The negative self-concept he has hinders him from entering the new environment and participates in the new school. This person really needs care and support from the leaders so that he still has courage to improve himself. I tried to assure him that he still can do many things to help the scools but he need longer time to cure himself and to embrace the new self-concept so that he can work better in my school.


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