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An article written by Robert Beard on Will universities need universities? has challenged me to reflect on the role of teachers in this globalized world. The development of internet and world wide web has change the life of the world unexceptionally the life of the education. The internet and its world wide web has change the world into huge encyclopedia. Every person has the possibility to published their own knowledge and ideas concerning the world and events they have witnessed and experienced. The knowledge is publicly available that every person can access freely.

The knowledge which previously become the power of the teacher is now taken over by the technology? Technology and its development has the ability to provide knowledge more creative and more attractive than the teachers can do in the classroom. For the time being the teachers are loosing their power in term of knowledge provider for the students. So what is the teachers power now? Can teachers continue influence the students life if they are losing their power? What should the teachers do to make themselves and their presence still meaningful for the students’ life?

These questions need more reflection and action from the teachers and all educators to make our life meaningful for our beloved students and for the survival and the relevance of our education enterpriceses.

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