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Being a teacher is long life commitment. It needs more than just doing our routine daily activities in the classroom. Being a true teacher, one must involve all aspect of his/her life and directed all the efforts toward the development of oneself and his/her students. Day (2004) said the work and the life of the teacher flows from his/her sense vocation, and it involve passion at the very heart of his/her commitment as teachers.

Today I will begin my journey to reflect on the commitment of teachers Pangudi Luhur. Through the encounter with the teachers Pangudi Luhur, I would learn and recognize the experience of commitment as teachers Pangudi Luhur. Some questions will guide me to search to their experiences. What does commitment mean for them? What are the centers of their commitment? How do they experience and give form to this centers of commitment? What values and attitude inspire teachers Pangudi Luhur to be committed in their profession as teacher? What is the meaning “student as the center of commitment? What does is mean maintaining professional knowledge as teachers? What is the meaning commitment to transferring knowledge and values? What is the meaning of commitment to mission of the school?

Several studies have identified the center of commitment which is rooted in the very personal passion of the teachers (Day, 2004). It is the passion of the teachers that make them faithfully live the challenging life as teachers. Passion gives power to the teachers who works in this turbulence time; in the time of fast changing. Passion of the teacher encourage teachers to go through the time with no clear clue in the future. It is the passion that makes them strong and perseverance in living out their commitment as teachers.

May this journey of life strengthen my vocation as teachers, and may I open my heart and mind to learn from many people that I will encounter during the research. God bless us all. Amen.

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